Mamut Performances


In 2016, we’ve had the chance to include performance arts in Mamut Art Project with our Performance Program, launched in collaboration with curators Simge Burhanoğlu and Seyhan Musaoğlu under the theme “Did you notice the performance?”. In the last 2 years, the program continued as Mamut Performances with the themes “How are you?” and “Immaterial” with a space of its own.

Through these 3 years together, while developing our program, we’ve tried to give performance art the value and space it deserves by improving the program each year with its new concept and additions.

Coming to a fulfilling point through this productive collaboration, beginning in 2019 we’ve decided to run our Performance Program without collaborating with any curators and without a specific theme. We’ll be accepting applications through an Open Call and each application will be evaluated independently.

In the course of the past 3 years, with our experience and our dialogues with young artists we’ve realized the constraints and need of spaces where performance art can be carried out. We’ve also been thrilled to see the increase of interest in the program by our visitors. Parallel to this, we’ve opened our applications to a wider range of artists by freeing our application conditions (as you will see under the Terms of Applications) compared to past years.

We’re waiting applications from all performance artists who want to make a live performance at our event which will take place at KüçükÇiftlik Park between 1-5 April 2020.



Applications for the live performance program will be open until February 5, 2020.

All applications will be reviewed by Mamut Art Project.

The selection process will consist of two stages. First there will be a pre-selection. Artists who proceed to the next stage, will be invited to one-to-one interviews. Participants for the program will be determined after these interviews.

The applications will be evaluated in terms of their compliance and suitability to the project space.



  • Only original works will be accepted to the program.
  • All information needed for the application (written below in the section How To Apply) forms should be fully and carefully written.
  • Mamut Art Project reserves the right to revise the ideas of the artists presented for Mamut performances, within the context of the venue and its conditions. The artist should accept the need for revision of his/her project according to existing conditions of the venue.
  • All artists must to be available and present at the performance venue during the dates of 1-5 April 2020 during Mamut Art Project and also at all days and hours specified for each artist by the program. Once the program schedule is confirmed by the Mamut Performance team, the dates and hours cannot be modified.
  • A minimum age of 18 is required for performance program applications.
  • The artists have to specify a list of requirements necessary for the production and operation performance works.
  • Once determined, the participants cannot present the work selected for the project anywhere else until realized at the Mamut Art Project.



The artists selected to the program, need to sign a standard contract protecting the rights of both parties.



Upon completion of all the information and documents mentioned below, the applicants have to send their file to the address by February 5, 2020.

By sending your application file, you automatically declare that you have accepted all conditions included in the “Terms of Application” section.

It will be very helpful if you could prepare a single PDF document with all the needed information and images.

Please be sure to have the following documents ready:

  1. All personal info written below should be fully included,
  2. Your CV (including your profile picture),
  3. Project Description,
  4. Artist statement that underlines the conceptual frame of the piece (Your project explanation should include the conceptual text of the performance and a text describing how the performance is going to be actualized),
  5. Reference image(s) (it could be a drawing, a photo or an image describing your performance),
  6. The list of requirements for the performance (has to be specified item by item).

Personal information that should be included in your application:

  • Name – Last Name,
  • Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year),
  • E-mail,
  • Phone No.,
  • Address,
  • City,
  • Country,
  • If you would like to share: your Instagram account or / and your website.