Mamut Performances


Through the last 3 years together, while developing our program, we’ve tried to give performance art the value and space it deserves by improving the program each year with its new concept and additions.

In 2016, we’ve had the chance to include performance arts in Mamut Art Project with our Performance Program, launched in collaboration with curators Simge Burhanoğlu and Seyhan Musaoğlu under the theme “Did you notice the performance?”. In the last 2 years, the program continued as Mamut Performances with the themes “How are you?” and “Immaterial” with a space of its own.

In the course of the past 3 years, with our experiences and dialogues with artists we’ve realized the constraints and need of spaces where performance art can be carried out. We’ve also been thrilled to see the growth of interest in the program from our visitors. These were few of the reasons that got us excited to move into a new direction in our program.

Parallel to this, we’ve opened the applications of our 2019 Performance Program to be curated by Mamut Art Project, without a theme and to a wider range of artists.

With various performances which will take place in the Mamut Perfomances 2019 Program the artists will invite you to play, explore, witness change, make a wish, dance and many more.

2019 Mamut Performances Program:

April 2, Tuesday

Xxx1, 1 hour
Burcu Bilgiç, 1987 

April 4, Thursday

I am Walking For You, 6 hours
Concept and Performance: Damla Durman, 1996
Performer: Sevcan Uysal, 1995

April 5, Friday

To Meet, 30 minutes
Nazir Özbakış, 1997

Foam, 16 minutes
Cemre Su Salur, 1994

April 6, Saturday

Knot, 45 minutes
Concept and Performance: Seçil Demircan, 1984
Music and Performance: Başak Yavuz 


What Is Your Shape?, 1 hour
Seher Deniz Kıran, 1985 & Thomas Peter James, 1993 

April 7, Sunday

Confessional, 2 hours
Sera Armağan, 1996 

16:00-16:30 (Exhibition Space)
‘Ebe-tura’, 30 minutes
Güler Aşık, 1996