Application Info

Reqs To Apply


All of the applications will be evaluated by our jury of 5. Artist that will have the chance to exhibit their work in our venue will be chosen after the ratings of the jury.

  • Mamut Art Project 2020 jury members are Selçuk Artut, Çelenk Bafra, Aslı Çavuşoğlu, Aslı Sümer and Erol Tabanca
  • The artist is obliged to exhibit the exact same work he/she applied with at the Mamut Art Project exhibition
  • Only original works of art will be accepted to the exhibition
  • It is not possible for artists to share their stands unless applied as a collective
  • Artists are obliged to bring their works to the exhibition space 2 days before the exhibition by their own means
  • Artists are obliged to take back their works (which have not been sold) from the exhibition space by the end of the exhibition
  • It is requested that the resume (CV) section of the application form be filled in with care
  • There is no age or education limit to the applications that can be accepted to the project
  • Pricing, will be decided with the sales director of Mamut Art Project


Commision / Exclutivity

  • All artists that have applied to and have been accepted to Mamut Art Project have to accept that 33% of the fixed sales price of the work exhibited belongs to the Mamut Art Project for a period of 4 months
  • Sales of these artworks will continue for 4 months by Mamut Art Project
  • Mamut Art Project will own the rights of sales of artists’ works which are not shown in the exhibition or/and which will be newly produced during these 4 months
  • Works chosen for the application should not have been exhibited before in a professional art establishment
  • As soon as the participating artists have been stated, the artwork that they choose to exhibit may not be exhibited elsewhere until Mamut Art Project



Selected artists are expected to sign a standard contract of agreement to protect the rights of both parties


Artists are responsible for insuring the works they choose to exhibit


How to Apply


Please send your applications to including all the information listed below. The deadline for the applications is November 30, 2019. Application deadline has been extended to December 8, 2019.

Prior to applying, please ensure you have read through “How to Apply” and “Reqs to Apply” under the title “Applications” from the menu on the left.

To have sent an application will directly mean that you accept the terms written under part “Reqs to Apply”.

It will be very helpful if you could prepare a single PDF document with all the needed information and images.

If you will not be sending all your info on just one document: Please do not write your personal information (or CV) in the e-mail but on a separate Word or PDF file you will be sending as an attachment.

You can also send large files via WeTransfer.

Please be sure to have the following documents ready:

  • Personal Information (you will see the details below)
  • Your CV (including your profile picture)
  • Project Description
  • Images of your work
  • Image details (Name, Size, Material and Year of Production)


Personal Information Details

  • Name-Last Name
  • Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)
  • Medium (Painting, Photography, Video, Installation…etc.)
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Phone No.
  • If you would like to share: your Instagram Account or / and your website


Since selected artists will be contacted by the contact details provided, it is important to provide an up-to-date email address and/or telephone number


  • Your CV and,
  • Project Description (even a sentence would be enough). Be sure that your writing is clear and understandable.



  • Your images should be of high quality, clear, in-focus and well-lit
  • You should have a cohesive set of images by sending us one body of work. If you want to apply with different series, please state that in your application.
  • Each work has to be photographed individually
  • Photographs of details of your work will also be helpful
  • Make sure to include detailed information about each work (name, size, material and year of production)


For Video & Sound Art works please send us a link where we would be able to see (or hear) your work. If you want to send us large videos or sound documents, please use WeTransfer.

If these two options are not available for you, you can always send a CD to our office address:

Mamut Art Project, Büyükdere Caddesi No:245, USO Center, Kat:11, Maslak, 34398, Istanbul, Turkey


What We Offer


Mamut Art project creates a new opportunity for artists to present themselves while bringing together their artworks with art lovers:

  • The possibility for independent artists to participate: The artist, not being bound to anyone, will be able to exhibit his/her work in their own personal space
  • Consultancy for artists: Mamut Art Project’s team provides all artists consultancy from the beginning of the application process to the end of the exhibition
  • Direct contact with art lovers: As the artists will be in one-to-one contact with art lovers, they will directly be able to respond to questions and comments regarding their works
  • Presentation space in gallery standards: Each artist will be given approx. 10 square meters of exhibition space
  • Low commission: Since a low commission rate will be deducted, a higher proportion of the sales price goes to the artist
  • PR and marketing: The PR and marketing that will be undertaken for the exhibition will provide artists with an exceptional opportunity to promote themselves
  • Visibility in printed media: Selected artists and their works will be presented in the exhibition catalogue
  • Visibility in digital and social channels, and interaction: Selected artists’ works, and information will appear on the Mamut Art Project’s website and social networks. These artists will be granted the opportunity to encounter several art lovers in a very short time period during the evening of the private view event and afterwards
  • E-mail announcements: Email announcements that will be made for the exhibition will be of great support for artists and their self-promotion
  • Private view evening: Artists will be able to get together with several gallery owners, curators and collectors invited to the private view.


Facilities That Will Be Given To Artists

  • Special presentation space: Each artist will be given their own personal space of space and lighting according to the number of works that are going to be on display
  • Professional mounting of works: After the artist has brought his/her works to the exhibition space, these will be mounted and installed by a professional firm
  • Catalogue: Each artist will be set aside 2 pages in the exhibition catalogue, which will consist of the artist’s resume (CV) and a photograph of the artist’s work
  • Private invitation quota: Each artist will be given a certain number of exhibition tickets and private view invitations


For further questions please contact us at or +90 555 488 82 01.